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As technology continues to evolve, so does the opportunity to revolutionise the way that cities work, such advances offer the opportunity to improve the lives of your citizens and for city administrators to do more with less. 
Every city generates an amazing amount of data on a daily basis, but the majority of this data is not used by local administrators to deliver better services for its citizens – by getting smart we can use it, save money, increase efficiency and improve the standard of life for your citizens.

Join us in Cluj-Napoca to hear thought leading case studies from Smart City projects across Europe. Be inspired by ground breaking and forward thinking projects – understand how strategy, standardisation, technology and implementation interact to create a truly Smart City.
Everyone accepts that the technology is there to enable cities to work smarter, but the path to smartness can be the most difficult part of that journey. By working together with other cities, government, partners, knowledge institutes, entrepreneurs and your citizens you can create a smarter, better connected, more sustainable city that future generations will be proud of. Start the journey now and see where it takes you!

Let’s Live Smarter!